Private LTE

Large organizations, both Government and Enterprise, have been operating for decades private radio-based networks to interconnect their stationery and mobile units. During all this time demands continuously grew – integration of voice and data, capacity, numbers of users, new applications, resilience, security and more – while traditional radio technologies made very little progress, if at all. At the same time, the Telecom industry has invested ever growing efforts to develop and deploy new mobile technologies for public mobile networks.  It was only a natural move for the operators of private radio networks to adopt the emerging technologies rather than re-inventing the wheel. Starting with Wifi, private radio networks are now moving to LTE, and no doubt will adopt 5G technologies in the future, once such mature. As many of the private networks provide very critical services (such as police, fire fighters, medical), service assurance and continuity became a must, consequently Timing & Synchronization issues play a same important (and possibly even more) role than in public networks.

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