The demand for intra-enterprise connectivity as well as well as Enterprise Internet Access has been exponentially growing over the last couple of decades, both in terms of bandwidth and quality as well as number of services. CE (Carrier Ethernet) has become the most widely implemented standard for these services and provides the most solid and scalable platform.

This is where we step in. Fibrolan’s comprehensive line of CE2.0/3.0 certified and field proven edge and aggregation systems form the essential building blocks to design and build optimal and scalable networks for these services. With interfaces ranging from 10Mbps to 10Gbps, varied port densities, form factors and price tags, there is hardly any application that cannot be fulfilled. Advanced functionalities such as superb ring operation, multitude of service protection mechanisms, embedded testing facilities, integrated NTP server, Timing awareness, legacy (TDM) integration and more, make it one of the most powerful and complete solution available in the industry. The support of 2.5Gbps (on both UNI and NNI) allows - at the fraction of the cost- for an intermediate step between 1Gbps and 10Gbs when the latter may not be economically justified, results in minimal CAPEX and protection of investment during migration processes for ever growing services.

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