Timing & Synchronization

Fibrolan offers a unique Timing solutions suitable for Large Service Providers and Small Operators at the highest performance level

Network timing and synchronization is typically a critical part of the network’s design and implementation. Network operations require synchronization to ensure optimal performance and in many cases network processes will not function at all without adequate level of synchronization.

Synchronization involves both frequency and phase/time synchronization.

Timing and synchronization can be achieved in various method, with combinations allowing for better performance and a higher degree of redundancy. These include: BITS, GNSS/GPS, SyncE, PTP, NTP  and external clocks.

Fibrolan’s rich set of timing and synchronization devices is committed to reach the above goals and is led by the Falcon-MTS and uFalcon-ST/G and ST/F for serving as high performance time sources (acting as BITS clocks or PTP Grandmasters).

These are also aided by a large variety of accessories for improved performance and various installation scenarios.