Carrier grade 10 Gigabit aggregation/demarcation system with advanced Synchronization and Timing options

Falcon-MX is a high performance, 10G service aggregation and demarcation system that delivers carrier-grade services in compact form factor and designed for extended temperature ranges.

Among its unique capabilities are 2.5GE support, providing an intermediate step for high-speed access, and advanced timing functions, based on Fibrolan's Timing portfolio and technology.

  • 10G service aggregation/demarcation unit for business Ethernet and mobile backhaul
  • Based on 3rd generation Falcon platform with 160Gbps throughput
  • Full set of MEF CE2.0 compliant services
  • Advanced QoS and service level traffic management 
  • Complete OAM toolbox (802.1ag, Y.1731, RFC2544, Y.1564) for OPEX reduction
  • Advanced high speed protection mechanisms for link, path, and ring service resilience
  • 2.5Gbps support on optical ports
  • Layer 3 static routing
  • SDN and NFV ready with expansion slot for processing cores
  • Compact design, with low power consumption

Interfaces & Indicators


  • 24 x 100/1000BaseX (SFP)
  • 4 x 10/100/1000BaseT (RJ45)
  • 4 x 1/2.5/10G (SFP+)

Note: most SFP ports can operate at 2.5Gbps

  • Supported SFP/SFP+: MM, SM, SFS, CWDM, DWDM, Copper
  • 1 x RS232 (RJ45) Console
  • 1 x USB port (console) 
  •  LEDs:
    • Power (per PS)
    • CPU
    • Alarm
    • Link/Activity (per port)
    • Aux. module (Rubidium, processing engine for SDN/NFV, etc.)

Architecture & Forwarding

  • Hybrid (ASIC-FPGA) HW architecture
  • 1GB RAM, 256MB flash memory
  • L2 forwarding (802.1D MAC bridging)
  • Flow-based forwarding
  • Performance: wire-speed, on all ports, all frame sizes
  • Switching fabric: 160Gbps, non-blocking
  • MTU: 10K bytes
  • MAC table: 32K addresses
  • VLANs: 4K concurrent
  • Provider bridging: 802.1ad (Q-in-Q)
  • Private VLANS
  • L1-L4 ACLs
  • Multicast:
    • IGMPv3 snooping
    • MLD snooping
    • Up to 8K MC groups
  • IP/MPLS:*
    • LSR/LER
    • MPLS-TP
    • Static routes
    • Dynamic L3 routing

Quality of Service

  • Classification based on L1-L4 information
  • Ingress policing per flow (MEF BW profiles)
  • Two rate, 3-color marking
  • Hierarchical queuing/scheduling
  • Hierarchical shaping
  • Priority based flow control (802.1Qbb)
  • Scheduling: Strict and DWRR (WFQ equivalent)
  • 4 drop precedence levels w/ WRED and tail drop for CA
  • P-bit and DSCP remarking
  • Storm control: UC, MC, BC
  • QoS Control Lists
  • Compliant with 3GPP QoS requirements for LTE backhaul


  • Link aggregation: static or LACP
  • Linear protection: G.8031
  • Ring protection: G.8032v2
  • Fault propagation
  • Spanning tree: STP, RSTP, MSTP
  • Loop protection

OAM & Diagnostics

  • IEEE802.3ah link OAM
  • IEEE802.1ag CFM
  • ITU-T Y.1731 PM
  • RFC2544 traffic generator & analyzer (HW based)
  • L2/L3 loopbacks with MAC/IP swap
  • SFP diagnostics (SFF-8472)
  • Traffic mirroring and Remote mirroring
  • sFlow
  • Throughput metering


  • CLI: Console (RS232), Telnet, SSH1/2
  • SNMP: v1/v2c/v3, extensive MIBs
  • Multiple Management VLANsupport
  • IPv6 management
  • 802.1x (port/MAC based)
  • DHCP client & relay (incl. option 82)
  • Link discovery: LLDP
  • Integrated NTP client and Server
  • Text based config files
  • Integrated into the NetACE NMS

Synchronization (G models)

  • Synchronous Ethernet (SE models)
  • 8261, G.8262 (SE models)
  • ESMC (G.8264, SE models)
  • Built-in Stratum 3 clock (SE models)
  • 2 x SMA connectors for 1PPS/Clk, in/out (SE models)
  • Physical interfaces:
    • 2 x SMA connectors for 1PPS/Clk, in/out
    • BITS
    • ToD/1PPS
    • GNSS active antenna (5VDC)
  • IEEE1588-2008 (PTP):
    • Ordinary Clock (master, slave)
    • Transparent Clock
    • Boundary Clock

Power & Environmental

  • Dual, redundant, hot swappable power supplies
  • Power consumption: typical <50W
  • Operating temperature:
    • Standard: -10°C ÷ +50°C (14°F ÷ 122°F)
    • Extended: -40°C ÷ +65°C (-40°F ÷ 149°F)




Falcon-MX/428/G/A 7122 Access Service Aggregator, 24x100/1000BaseX (SFP), 4x10/100/1000BaseT, 4x10GE (SFP+), advanced timing spec (w/ GNSS), 1 removable AC power supply (FPS10012/A), CE SW license 
Falcon-MX/428/G/D  7123 Access Service Aggregator, 24x100/1000BaseX (SFP), 4x10/100/1000BaseT, 4x10GE (SFP+), advanced timing spec (w/ GNSS), 1 removable DC power supply (FPS10012/D), CE SW license 
FPS10012/A 7106 Redundant power supply, AC/DC (100-240VAC/125VDC), 50 to 60Hz, 100W
FPS10012/D 7107 Redundant power supply, DC (20-60V), 100W



  • - Specifications are subject to change w/o prior notice
  • - GNSS accessories (antenna, cable, etc.) are available – contact for details
  • - For a complete list of available Falcon models, please contact Fibrolan
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