The North American market is set to boom with the recently launched CBRS operation, making use of the 3.5GHz band.

A significant percentage of CBRS deployments is expected to exist in various indoor environments (venues, enterprises, factories, hospitality, hospitals, etc.). In such conditions, there is typically no usable GPS signal, which is required by the small cells (CBSDs) for synchronized operation. The clear path to resolving this issue is by making use of PTP, to carry timing over the local network. A local PTP Grandmaster is therefore required do drive these deployments and synchronize all the cells.

Another challenge that arises from using PTP and the local network is the inadequate distribution and delivery of the timing packets. Mitigation of this problem is done through careful timing planning and the use of PTP aware switches.

Fibrolan helps with this crucial part of CBRS deployments, through high performance Edge GMs, as well as PTP aware switches for timing distribution.

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