WDM Solutions

Fibrolan’s WDM series include MetroStar™ Modules, Stand-alone devices, DWDM over CWDM solutions, Multiplexers, OADMs, Transponders and SFPs.

The recent progress in telecommunication applications for voice, video and data has placed additional demands for fiber optic networks. Adding more fiber to existing networks can be cost- prohibitive to service providers. A better and less costly solution is provided by WDM technology.
FibroLAN’s WDM series comprises many WDM building blocks that are fully integrated within the MetroStar system.
"Monitor" ports allow live monitoring and troubleshooting of the WDM signals, without interrupting any activity and traffic flow. Auxiliary ports may be used for management,
FibroLAN’s WDM equipment allows users and service providers to increase the capacity of the existing fiber with CWDM wavelengths and DWDM channels; FibroLAN WDM provides attractive solutions for large enterprise and carriers.
The devices are designed to fully fulfill ITU G.694.1, ITU G.694.2, ITU G.695 standard and RoHS requirements. The product family provides greater flexibility and performance to its users
FibroLAN solution allows enterprises and service providers to support scalable and easy-to-deploy, Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet 10GE, TDM and Fiber Channel services in their networks. The product set helps to enable the flexible design of highly available and scalable multiservice networks.

  • FibroLAN WDM series include MetroStar modules and Stand-Alone devices
  • FibroLAN WDM provides attractive solutions for medium/large enterprise and carriers
  • A variety of CWDM Mux/Demux devices
  • DWDM ITU Grid Channel Mux/Demux devices
  • Single Fiber CWDM/DWDM Multiplexers
  • Single wavelength WDM Add Drop Mux/Demux (OADM) devices
  • Monitors ports allow live monitoring and troubleshooting of the WDM signals.
  • Expansion port may be used for management