Manages the various modules and the remotely connected CPEs/NTUs

MMM-o4 supports Web management ,SNMP, CLI via Console, Telnet, SSH and FTP, TFTP for easy field upgrades. The management module automatically recognizes the type of module inserted in each MetroStar slot and enables the relevant menus, no HW setup is needed while installing.

  • User friendly interface
  • CLI (console, Telnet, SSH), SNMP and HTTP/S
  • Single slot, hot swappable
  • Linux operating system
  • Management of all MetroStar modules and remote CPE/NTU devices
  • Auto-configuration for all MetroStar modules
  • Remote software upgrade, with zero downtime

Embedded Linux operating system

Standards Compliance SNMP v1/v2c/v3, MIB II (RFC1213/RFC1215), Host resources MIB (RFC2790), Telnet, SSH v1/v2, FTP/TFTP client, RADIUS, TACACS+ Syslog and Local Logging, NTPv4, IPv6, DHCP
RJ-45 Ports Shielded, 10/100BaseTx, 100m over UTP/STP Cat 5 cable, Network connection port, Console port for CLI, Cisco compatible
Diagnostic LEDs System Ready state
System Active mode
Management network interface up state
System PS section: PS1, PS2, PS3
System Information Power Supply status (1 to 3), Up Time,
System Contact, Location, Name
Modules Population, Chassis and Remote Devices Temperature
Modules and Remote devices Firmware revision
Supported Modules MCM 100-0x, MCM 110-0x, ACM110-1x, MSM100U, MCM1000T, MCM1000S, MSM2500/4000U, MCM100-xE1/T1, MCM100-RL, MCM1000X-RL, MCM1000X, WDM modules: MDX, FADM, MDDX. FADDM
Supported CPEs H.CON/MA, LTA41/MA, LTA41-xE1/T1, F.CON1/MA, F.CON1F/MA, GSM1000/MA, GSM1010/MA, GSM1000X, ATARA100


Part #


MMM-04 2124 Advanced Management Module for one MetroStar System