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Metro and Carrier Ethernet
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Metro & Carrier Ethernet

 Carrier Ethernet is defined by a number of standards and recommendations from various organizations such as the Metro Ethernet Forum, IEEE and ITU-T. 
Carrier Ethernet is the deployment of high bandwidth Ethernet technology and services for communication among business environment, academic institutions and government local area networks.

Carrier Ethernet provides predictable, cost-effective delivery of a variety of services. The technology standardizes interfaces, formats and baseline performance characteristics and includes many technological new features that distinguish Carrier Ethernet from standard Ethernet. These features simplify deployment and enable new levels of multi-vendor interoperability.
Fibrolan, a leading vendor in the Carrier Ethernet arena, has developed cutting edge technologies for a range of applications.

These technologies are implemented throughout the data, control and management planes of Fibrolan Falcon-Series and uFalcon-S series products

This product line features a complete Ethernet OAM toolbox based on IEEE 802.3ah, IEEE 802.1ag, ITU-T Y.1731, RFC2544 and Y.1564* standard.

Exceptional performance, QoS, scalability, resiliency and manageability enable optimal delivery of high-bandwidth Business, Residential, Mobile and Wireless Backhaul.

For mobile and wireless Backhaul applications the Falcon and uFalcon series feature extensive high precision timing support including SyncE, 1588 and integrated GNSS receiver.

A unique Micro-Burst-Detection (MBD) technology is incorporated in the Falcon and uFalcon series for granular SLA monitoring, helping to detect, alert. and report nearly invisible traffic anomalies, which is essential in highly QoS sensitive applications, such financial, healthcare,etc.

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